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Development of new packaging with focus on Sustentability and Ecodesign

  • Look for intelligent and innovative solutions for packaging & products.
  • Fit materials, manufacturing processes and packaging design to sustainable proposals, in order to reduce costs and environmental impacts throughout the product lifecycle, ensuring competitiveness.
  • Implement tools and methodologies for packaging development with focus on sustainability and management of process innovation.
  • Cost reduction through packaging and process optimization and standardization.

Development of new suppliers of packaging materials and machinery

  • Studies on innovation and trends in materials, technologies and behaviors.
  • Market studies for companies seeking new business opportunities.
  • Engineering consulting on acquisition of new machinery for packaging and proccess lines.
  • New equipment installation and comission monitoring.

Business trip to China, Korea and Vietnam

  • Seeking opportunities in innovation and technology for products and equipments.
  • Opening markets for exportation of Brazilian products.
  • Visit trade shows and manufacturers facilities.
  • Prospecting new suppliers of packaging material and machinery.
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